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Odds and Updates

By November 17, 2013 Updates No Comments

Hello? Anybody still out there checking up on Maggie?

I hope so, because things are anything but quiet over here. Maggie is as busy as ever being a kid (have you seen how much homework they get these days?!); I’m talking to printers, organizing backer surveys, planning reward logistics, and trying to figure out how to pull a trick out of my sleeve; Christian is up to his ears in sprinkles, making sure every detail in Maggie’s world is as vibrant, fun, and amazing as possible.

Did I mention we’re busy? Good. So where are we now? Well:

1. Final page specifications are being determined with the printer(s).
2. Illustrations are flying left, right, and sideways, but always into the “Done” pile (or at lease almost always)
3. Postcards are being designed (because we don’t want to be sending off an illustration you’ve already seen)

There’s also a lot of miscellaneous background stuff that’s boring and tedious so I’ll spare you the details, but basically everything is moving along, meaning we’re still on track to ship signed, first edition copies of “Maggie and the Sprinkle Tree” to all of our Kickstarter backers as planned (January).

But now you’re probably wondering a couple things: Why did I say “printers” (plural) and what is this trick that is stuck somewhere up my sleeve? Well, it’s really a trick up all of our sleeves, but I’m the one trying to make it work so as to not pull Christian from his illustrative duties. Anyway, I said “printers” because when we passed our funding goal by almost 20% (!!!!), we got to thinking “what if…?” and when that happens, ideas start popping. Sometimes those ideas are so grand that they have to stay as ideas for a while, other times those ideas are possible. I don’t want to say just yet what we’re working on, but if everything works out, we think that one of these ideas might be a nice addition. Like sprinkles on a cupcake, if you will.

Look at that! I just covered the plural of “printer” and the trick in one swoop! Busyness leads to amazing efficiency, I suppose.

But maybe you’re reading this and you weren’t one of our backers? Maybe you found us late, forgot to pledge before the campaign ended, or simply wish you’d backed when you had the chance but never got around to it? That’s okay. Things happen. And in a week or so (fingers crossed), we’ll be posting details on how you can pre-order our book from right here on our website! Until then, we’ll just keep working.


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